I’d like to teach the world to siiiing! :)


Let’s admit it, we’ve all sang our hearts out at least once in our lives. Even though we do not want to admit it, every person has a part in him that wants to be(or in some cases feels like) a singer. Whenever the tune of our favorite song, old or new, comes to play in the radio waves, we just can’t help but sing along or at least hum along. Even the toughest of guys sang along to the tune of “Nobody”, even it was such a girly pop song. But the big question on my mind is.. WHY? Why do people sing? Why is it that even though we are out of tune or do not know the lyrics, we still continue on belting out on songs?

This is a bigger question for us Filipinos. We all know we looooove to use the Karaoke machine. Heck, we even own 4 of them for other people to rent(and for us to use when no one rents the rest HAHA). Most of the people who rent our videoke machines use them for parties. Christmas parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.So this means that singing is a way for us filipinos to celebrate big events and milestones in our lives. But what is it really in singing that keeps us coming back for more, even though most of our neighbors already file noise reports because of us?

Well, those questions were answered by a study by Clift &

Hancox(2010) entitled “The significance of choral singing for sustaining psychological wellbeing”. In the study, they conducted large cross‐national survey of 1124 choral singers drawn from choirs in Australia, England and Germany who completed the questionnaire to measure physical, psychological, social and environmental wellbeing. Meanwhile, written accounts of the effects of choral singing on wellbeing and health were given in response to open questions.

The results were that 79% of the singers were contented with their health, and it is striking that a sense of ‘happiness’ produced by singing is a common reason why they report that they feel healthy. Also, the singers reported that singing is a way to relieve stress from the outside world. Nevertheless, it was found that there was variation in the extent to which singers endorse the idea that singing has benefits for their wellbeing, and an important finding is that women are more likely to report stronger benefits compared with men.

Okay, I agree with their results and I find it to be close to what I thought would come out of the study. However, I think what would be interesting to know if this is also applicable to the Filipino men, which we all know love to sing much more than other nationalities.

Theire study made me feel better about my shower singing, since I know that singing does not only strain my vocal chords but it also has positive effects on my emotional well-being. Apparantly, whenever I sing more, I get to release more emotions/stress building up inside of me. Whew! That’s a relief. Now I think I could belt out my favorite Adele song, “Someone Like You” with no hesitations and apprehensions whatsoever because I know that afterwards, I would feel better. Who knows? I might even record it on GarageBand and eventually become a recording artist!(NAT.)

P.S. You might also want to release some stress building up in you. If that’s the case, check out http://www.karaokeparty.com and let your inner Celine Di ‘Yon/Chos Groban shine! 😉

Clift, S. & Hancox, G. (2010). The significance of choral singing for sustaining psychological wellbeing: findings from a survey of choristers in England, Australia and Germany. Music Performance Research Copyright, 3(1), 79-96.



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